How to use the service

Parking space payment The service offers you the following way(s) to pay for your parking space:

1.2. Virtual Wallet Virtual wallet is a form of payment that allows you to top-up an account though your credit card and use that balance in parking payments. Whenever you pay for a parking space, the balance will be verified and used at the end of each time period. This form of payment requires you to sign up on the service portal.

In order to pay, regardless of the method you choose, will must enter your data, such as license plate and area, choose your payment method and indicate whether you wish to pay by duration or indefinite time.

Access Channels The following access channels are available:

1. SMS Simply send an SMS and pay for your parking space in an easy and fast way.

2. Mobile Website If you don't own an Android or iOS device, simply access the mobile site and pay for your service on your mobile phone here.

3. Mobile Apps Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.