Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can I use this payment service everywhere?

No. The Parking Mobile payment service can only be used for the entities presented. To see the available entities click here

2.   I can't use mobile Internet. Will I be able to use this service?

Yes. In case you can't access the Internet, you can still use the SMS channel to pay for your parking space.

3.   Will I be charged for the SMS I send to make parking payments?

Yes, the SMS will be charged according to your Mobile Operator's rates.

4.   How can I activate the parking deadline alerts?

To activate the alerts service, you should login at our website and subscribe "Customer Area", on "My alerts" section. You can create a SMS alert to be received 10 minutes before your parking expires or at the moment it expires.

5.   Can I extend my parking period?

Yes. Whenever your parking time will expire, before you can remove your vehicle, you can ask for an extension.

6.   Can I have more than one active parking space?

There is no limit to the parking spaces you can use. However, one vehicle can only have one active parking space. For different vehicles you can have several active parking spaces.

7.   I tried to download the Android app at Play Store, but couldn't use it. What are the supported Android versions?

The Android app will work on the 2.2.3 version of the OS, or above.

8.   I tried to download the iOS app at App Store, but couldn't use it. What are the supported iOS versions?

The iOS app will work on the 5.1 version or above (iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 or iPod Touch). If you own one of these devices, you should upgrade your software before installing the app.

9.   What are the payment methods available?

The service makes available two payment methods:

- Virtual wallet
- Direct debit

The virtual wallet uses a balance that can be loaded through client portal. It needs previous registration.
Direct debit uses the MB phone service data and withdraws the parking value immediately. It needs previous registration in MB Phone service.

10.   How can I know which area I am in?

The area is identified in the parking meter

11.   How will I know the payment went through?

You will only have a valid parking space after receiving a notification.

12.   I'm not leaving any confirmation ticket in my vehicle. How will you know my parking space is active?

Despite not having the confirmation ticket visible in your vehicle, our supervising agents have your parking information available on their system.

13.   I`m trying to schedule a no end time parking, but without success. What can I do?

For security reasons, and if you lack authentication, you can only make payments with defined periods, defined value, time length or defined end time. If you are authenticated, please try again later. If the situation persists, please contact the parking company support service.

14.   I want to use the service in more than one entity. Do I need to register in each parking entity?

Yes, you must register in each parking entity.

15.   Can I use the balance of one entity to pay for other entities parking?

No. Each entity has a balance that can only be used in parkings of the same entity.

16.   Is there an expiration date on the virtual wallet balance?

No, the virtual wallet balance has no expiration date.

17.   The time is 3 p.m and I did a parking lasting 20 minutes. But when I got the confirmation message it indicated that the parking was active until 3:30 p.m. Why did that happen?

The MEO Parking reflects exactly the same fractions made available by the parking entity. In this case the parking entity only allows fractions of 15 minutes, so we cannot charge the time indicated.

18.   If I make a parking payment which exceeds the parking time paid for on that day, the entity restores me the exceeding amount?

No. If you make a payment that exceeds the amount of parking paid on that day, the remaining amount will automatically be transferred to the next day.